Vulture in a Cage


de Solomon Ibn Gabirol,

ISBN 9780914671558
Idioma: Inglês
Dimensões: 140 x 178 x 20 mm
Encadernação: Capa mole
Páginas: 250
Coleção: Bsava British Small Animal Veterinary Association

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Named after Solomon Ibn Gabirol’s sharp self-description, Vulture in a Cage is the most extensive collection of the 11th century Hebrew poet’s works ever to be published in English. Weighty poems of praise, lament, and complaint sit alongside devotional poetry, love poetry, descriptive meditations on nature, and epigrams. On the one hand, Ibn Gabirol covers classical ground in his intense desire to break through corporeal constraints and launch his soul into the realm of the intellect. On the other, he exhibits a strikingly modern sensibility in his turn inward and glorification of the self. In any case, Vulture in a Cage offers a look into the complex and intriguing thoughts of one of the major poets of the Golden Age of Hebrew poetry.