Des Oiseaux


de Rinko Kawauchi
Editora: Atelier EXB
Idioma: Inglês
ISBN: 9782365112765


To celebrate the 10th title of the collection, we are publishing a new series of photographer Rinko Kawauchi. Last spring, she turned her lenses on swallows at the the birth season, and more particularly, on small nests the birds build away from prying eyes, made of ground, clay, water and dry herbs to protect their clutches. With all the poetry and sense of detail that characterize her work, Rinko Kawauchi reveals the magic of our daily life and the ephemeral beauty of suspended moments. The swallows, thanks to their sharp wings, perch everywhere with great ease and elegance, filled with an opalescent light.

This publication is part of the Des oiseaux (On birds) collection celebrating, through the vision of different artists, their immense presence in a world where they are now vulnerable.